Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Net Worth-- May 2008

Unfortunately, I will be unable to give a budget-breakdown for the last few months. Truth be told, I've/we've been somewhat rebellious with the uber-tight budget. The end of May found us at a restaurant nearly every day (sometimes twice a day). Thankfully, Lubby's steady part-time work and my three part-time jobs made for more wiggle room than I remember having ever in our married lives.

Follows is an update on where we stand as of the first of June:

Checking: $3,000
Savings: $1,005

Car: $2,435

Net Worth:


Would you look at that! A positive net worth! In only a few short months of focused dedication, we can not only afford to live, but pay down our debts and own more than we owe as well! Exciting! This net worth number is excluding student loans. Both my husband and I are blessed to have parents who shoulder that load for us. Should the time come when we take on that responsibility, I will add it to the "liabilities" list.

June is going to be a 'survival' month. We likely will not make as much money in June as our budget requires (about $1700 with Lubby's school). Fortunately, July looks like it will be much more lucrative-- we only need to make it until then. I shall explain how our budget allows for this 'short' month in an upcoming post. Until then~

For a look back, see February's update and January's initial post.

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