Saturday, February 28, 2009

Net Worth-- February 2008

It's that time again. Time to take a look out our bank account and find out what we've done this month. Things have likely gone down a bit considering the job situation, but we're no worse for wear. With both of us working this next month, I anticipate a good beating to our liability (the car).

Checking: 1800
Savings: 2000


Car: 4500

Budget Results:

Income This Month:

Substitute teaching: 216
Plasma donation: 100
Return of deposit from other apartment: 175
Random check from prev. employer: 13
MySurvey check: 60
Gifts: 200

Difference-- checking: 200

Net worth: -700

Yikes! However, never fear! We made it through the month with less trauma than originally thought, and work income for March has already exceeded that of February. (I only counted income actually received in February, not work that has been done but will pay in March).

I'm pleased to see our gas expenditures have been reasonable. That is even with a way-overpriced oil change and a trip out of state. We're still new to the area, so I want to track this for a few months, but I hope that perhaps we can adjust this budget down a little bit. Although, in a few months gas may be over $3/gallon again. If it is, I'm buying a scooter.

We went overboard on eating out this month-- nearly $100 worth of fast food. I worry about this next month because we will have more freedom with more cash. Lubby and I will have a talk to determine our goals for this month and see if we can come up with a game plan for curbing spending in that area and attacking our car payment again. Everything else has been terrific.

Looks like next month we will get free Internet as well (they screwed up our order so they overcharged us last month). One less thing to pay for.

All-in-all, I am pleased with this month's report even though we're in the red. We've done well with what little we've had and stand a more-than-promising chance of making twice what we made this past month. I expect a huge chunk out of the 'liability' column next month and a positive net worth.

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