Tuesday, May 19, 2009

An unusual way to 'make' money...

Quick tip tonight: The government holds onto your stuff (or sells it and holds onto the cash) for you-- indefinitely. After all, if they kept it, it would be stealing.

You've probably seen the commercials/spam for services that locate untold millions of dollars that are "rightfully yours." Truth be told, there could be some money that is rightfully yours; and you don't have to pay someone to find it for you!

Simply visit unclaimed.org, click on your state, and the link will take you to your state's treasurer's website where you can search for your treasures (and that of your family). Be sure to check each state in which you have lived.

Although not really a method for earning money, it is a fun way to spend a few minutes online and perhaps receive some money anyway. I think my husband's family might have something owed to them...

I look forward to hearing about your treasures.

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  1. I tried this on your recommendation and found money for my grandpa a pension that he had lost track of, and my aunt...not sure what she is getting. Great tip! Thanks much.