Friday, February 20, 2009

Revised budget for February and March

Things change. We didn't get jobs as fast as we could have hoped in this economy. So, our budget for the next few months is going to take a hit. Here's what February looked/looks like:

425 Rent (had 1/2 off, but finished out our pet deposit)
150 Electric
200 Groceries
300 Gas (cars)
20 Water
35 Internet
1130 Total

March looks like this:

430 Rent (we got $20 off for participating in a community event)
150 Electric
150 Groceries
300 Gas
20 Water
35 Internet
1085 Total

Thankfully we've been able to stop paying our car until we get our feet under us. We had been paying about double to quadruple the payment, so we don't technically have to make another payment until April. Now, if we don't make another payment until April I will be very sad. We've lost a lot of ground already in intrest.

All the reading about frugal living and couponing has me inspired to cut my grocery bill in half. Since we were able to comfortably get what we need this month for about $200-- including a lot of convenience foods like frozen waffles, granola bars, etc.-- I am confident that with coupons and watching for deals I should be able to take us down even one more notch.

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