Friday, February 6, 2009

A pleasant surprise!

Honestly, I never had any intentions of promoting services through this blog. However, the service I have gotten today has really knocked my socks off. When you take this kind of care for your members, you deserve to be promoted!

Today I got a very pleasant suprise!

I have an account with My Survey. I take surveys periodically, and each survey is worth a certain number of points. When you stockpile enough points, you can redeem them for cash, prizes, or donate to charities. So, here's the story...

Last Novemeber (or some time around there) I cashed in my points for $60. I had gotten a check from them before, so I already know it was legit. I waited, and after I had waited more than the 6-8 weeks delivery time, I checked to see what was up. Everything said it was mailed, so I chalked it up 'just another one of those survey things' and resigned myself to never getting the check. Or, at least waiting a good 90 days and calling to see if the check had cleared and possibly getting a re-issue.

Today, I received an email from My Survey letting me know that the check was returned undeliverable and I should update my info and try again. WOW! They could have just kept the money, but instead they credited my account without me even asking and let me know about the problem!

My Survey has been a pretty good service for me.
  • It is NOT a get-rich site.
  • It is NOT a part-time income. I've been stockpiling these points for quite a while. Most surveys are 10-20 points and 1000 points equals $10, if you're redeeming for cash (which is what I do, since the prizes are cheaper if you cash out and buy it at WalMart...) it comes out to about a dime per survey.
  • It is NOT a service that will spam you with unending emails. They email me when I have a survey available (maybe once every week or 2, sometimes more often).
  • It is NOT a site that sends you to surveys where you first have to purchase a product or sign up for a 'free' trial (I cannot stand these. I recently joined a survey site like this. I don't care if they'll pay me $10, I don't want to pay $3.88 to do it! I now delete their emails without reading them.)
So, if you are interested in taking surveys in your sparest of spare times and mostly for the fun of it, with nominal monetary reward, I must recommend And, if you want to say a little 'thank you' to me for telling you about it, comment and I'll send you a referral email.

Anyone else know about good survey sites that don't spam and have a good pay-out system?

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