Saturday, September 24, 2011

How I became a Homemaker Pt. 2-- On a Wing and a Prayer

We left off junior year of college. Fast forward to the end of senior year. My last semester was student teaching. Our school specifically forbade working during this time, so Lubby worked as a temp which led to a full-time job. I had taken an extra semester to graduate, so he was done with his undergrad and was waiting for me to finish. Then we would move to Texas for Seminary.

It is pretty difficult to land a teaching gig in January, but I was basically offered my choice of two after student teaching. Lubby already had a job that was getting us by (although barely). We could now have two full-time incomes, but were so used to living on so little we would be able to save up a ton for our move. I fought very hard to stay in Oklahoma for those seven months and start Seminary in the fall.

Lubby felt strongly that God was calling us to move right away, however. So, with tearful submission, I forsook my worldly wisdom and we moved to Texas on a wing and a prayer-- no jobs, no prospects.

I started this blog not long after coming here. If you go back to the very beginning you'll see some of the things we did to get by. I worked as a substitute; I donated plasma; after a month or two, Lubby finally got a job as a waiter at Cracker Barrel. We were living on love and faith, taking just about any job we could to get by.

And we did get by. Eventually we even started to thrive a little bit. And for both of us, those "take whatever you can get" jobs were the avenue for major blessings...

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