Saturday, September 17, 2011

How I became a Homemaker pt. 1-- The Very Beginning

I got married when I was 18. My husband (often referred to as "Lubby") and I were about to enter our junior year of college as full-time students. Starting out, we had a tiny bit of savings and I had a part-time job. Our expenses consisted of $350 for rent, about $75 for electricity, plus gas and food. After a few months Lubby got a part-time job as well. Our luxury expense was a $.99 drink from Sonic once a week.

We were poor, but not miserable. We didn't have cable or Internet (although we had it at school and could sometimes pick up the wifi from the apartment's clubhouse). We got help from family, who occasionally bought us "extravagant" groceries like hot chocolate mixes and paid for our cellphones on their family plan. We even lived with my parents for a while, though that's a whole other story.

One thing that had always been of the utmost importance to me was to stay at home with my kids. Lubby and I talked extensively about our future plans and how we were going to pull that off. We had two more years of school, plus two and a half years of Seminary for him. I would use my degree to work as a teacher while he was in school, then he would take over as provider and I could stay home.

Little did we know all of the adventures we would have in the mean time.

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