Friday, March 6, 2009

Difficult money decisions

There has been some talk about there being a job available next school year for me at the school I have been subbing for (school A). I don't know anything about the pay and this leads to a lot of what-ifs.

What if the school pays the bare minimum-- say $28k/year. That's not much, and it's really not competitive around here. My friend over in another district gets around $45k. Even some of the poorer districts pay $35k.

What should I do if that's the case?

School A has a lot of benefits:

  • I already have great relationships with administrators and other teachers
  • The school is a charter school with an emphasis in my area
  • I would have an opportunity to be involved in other disciplines outside my area of emphasis
  • I can see myself getting involved in growing the school and investing myself long-term
  • The school is less than 3 miles from my house, rather than a 30 minute commute

School B may or may not pay a lot better, but:

  • The $20/year difference itself is more than any annual income we've made in our married lives
  • Working at a well-established school means less work establishing routines and procedures, since the school is likely already running like a well-oiled machine

Those are the only pros I can think of for school B.

Our plan is for both of us to work, but for one income to be purely extra. We would love for that income to be whatever my full-time income is and live off my husband's part-time income. In a few years we want to take that savings to buy a house and start a family where I do not have to work.

What would you do? Speaking hypothetically that school A does pay $20k less than school B, would you take the higher pay versus a job you would love?

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  1. Hey there! I'm a former teacher, now stay at home mom of 3 wonderful children. From what I think you are looking for for your future- you should take the higher paying job. You will not be at the job for too many years... no need to get too invested.. and the more you can save now the better off you will be when you want to stay home when you have children. I made a similar choice when I started and think I made the right desicion. And when I left (after my son was born) I left on great term and still keep in touch with my great co-workers. If, and it is a big IF, I were ever to want to go back to teaching I know I would have a place there.