Wednesday, August 11, 2010

What to do

I've been struggling with what exactly to do with this blog.

I originally started it to bring people very real numbers-- a case study in personal finance, if you will. Yes, I want to post general tips and information, but I feel that a real see-exactly-how-and-if-this-is-working type blog is needed out there and I'm exactly the kind of bare-it-all kind of girl to do it. Theory is wonderful, but example is inspiring (or at least instructive)!

Yet, I'm in a place where I don't really know if I'm free to do that anymore. I didn't post real budget numbers during the school year because it's socially unacceptable to talk about exactly how much you make.

I personally think the taboo on salary is ridiculous. If someone isn't getting paid fairly, they should have a right to know. If the company won't fix it, they should (and do) have a right to quit. I work in a school, so any parent could come up and demand to see how much I get paid, my benefits, and even my address and phone number unless I specifically request my contact info be withheld. But, on the off-chance I make more than my co-workers, I don't want to be resented.

Then there's my husband. He is on staff at a church, so that makes things more complicated as well.

What is the answer here? Is it okay to continue posting real-life budget numbers? If we simply combined our incomes and didn't label exactly how much one or the other makes, would that be better? Any answers would be appreciated...

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